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Health Ministry issues advisory for rising Covid cases

Health Ministry issues advisory for rising Covid cases

In the wake of rising COVID-19 cases in China, the Union Health Ministry issued a fresh advisory, asking all states and union territories to increase the rate of genome sequencing from Covid cases and track infections regularly.

The number of COVID-19 cases has been rising in many countries, including China, Japan and the US. Especially the explosive upsurge in infections in China created a panic environment across the globe as it may lead to the fourth wave of Covid.

China recently eased Covid restrictions due to massive protests. It resulted in a sudden spurt in the number of Covid cases in the country. More than two-thirds of the population in China could be severely infected with the virus in the coming months, as per health experts.

In this context, the government of India issued a fresh advisory for all states. The advisory says that tracking the number of Covid positive cases and their variants is essential in the wake of rising cases across the globe.

As per reports, China hospitals are overcrowded, and crematoriums are overflowing with dead bodies due to the sudden upsurge in Covid cases.

The Union Health Ministry directed all states to ramp up genome sequencing and send the samples daily to designated laboratories.

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya will review the situation and discuss the situation with senior officials and health experts in the country.

Many reports say that the government may enforce Covid restrictions in the country to control the rising cases. Also, international travel restrictions are likely to be placed soon.

Around 10% of the global population could be infected fatally with the coronavirus in the next 3 months. If the situation is not under control, it will lead to more deaths, as the number will be in the millions.

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