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Narendra Modi app tops App Store searches

Narendra Modi app tops App Store searches

The move of demonetizing higher denomination notes by Modi government is the hot topic of conversation everywhere in the country. People are arguing whether or not it is a good idea or if it’s a good idea implemented badly.

As the raging debate on the ban of higher notes is continuing, the Narendra Modi app for smartphones is reaching top spots in Apple’s App store. The app topped the trending charts on the App Store. In the Apple marketplace, words related to PM Modi like, namo app, narendra modi app, narendra modi, pm modi, narinder modi, narender modi, narendra, pmo india, narendramodi and namo took all the 10 slots in ‘Trending search‘.

Similarly even on the Google Play store, the app is ranked at No. 18 among the top downloaded free apps. On Google Play store the ‘top 10 Trending apps’ are related to PM Modi or demonetization.

On November 22, Modi asked on twitter for everyone to directly show their opinion about the demonetization via his official app. He asked everyone to do the survey on the app which lets the government know what the people are thinking directly.

He asked for the public to participate in a survey which has 10 questions related to banning of old ₹500 and ₹1000 currency notes. He said that he wants the firsthand view of people instead of what is heard from word of mouth.

In the survey, there are ten questions in the survey. These questions are related to black money and its existence along with the opinion of people on demonetization. Modi asked people to present their views as the opposition is fully against his move. The opposition is all set to launch a full blown country wide protest ‘Aakrosh Diwas’ on November 28 against the BJP-led NDA government’s demonetization move.

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