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Black money related documents to be given to K K Modi

Black money related documents to be given to K K Modi

The Income Tax Department was asked by a Delhi court to give deficient documents annexed with its charge sheet to Modi Group Chairman K K Modi. The Modi group was alleged in a black money case that he was attempting to evade tax by not disclosing money stashed in a Swiss bank.

The court gave an order after 75-year-old Modi, a South Delhi resident, said that some of the documents provided by the IT Department were illegible.

In this matter, the court asked IT department to give complete copies in 30 days and solve the matter by September 27 in order to record pre- charge evidence.

Earlier also, the IT Department supplied copies of deficient documents to Modi. He was given bail with order for him to not to leave the country without prior intimation.

Earlier, the court summoned Modi as an accused of prima facie offence made out against him under the provisions of the IT Act by the IT department. The department filed the complaint for alleged offences under sections 276C (1)(ii) (willful attempt to evade tax), 277 and 277(ii) (false statement in verification) of the I-T Act for the assessment years 2006-07 and 2007-08 with identical allegations against the accused.

The complaint was that K K Modi had an account with HSBC Bank in Geneva opened on January 30, 2001. According to the department, there was a balance of more than Rs 4.9 crore and Rs 18.7 lakh in that account for assessment years 2006-07 and 2007-08 respectively.

The department claims that a search was already conducted at the premises of the accused in November 2011. The accused was asked about any undisclosed foreign bank account.

K K Modi however denied of having any account outside India but was willing to pay tax, according to the IT department.

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