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PM Modi reviews key initiatives announced on Independence Day

PM Modi reviews key initiatives announced on Independence Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently convened a high-level meeting to assess the progress made on key initiatives outlined in his Independence Day speech this year.

During his address on August 15, the prime minister unveiled ambitious plans aimed at empowering women and enhancing healthcare accessibility.

One of the pivotal goals articulated by Prime Minister Modi was the empowerment of two crore women through self-help groups and anganwadis. Thus, the program aims to enable them to become millionaires.

He emphasized the importance of women-led development, a cause he has championed not only within India but also on the international stage, as highlighted during India’s participation in the G-20.

In the meeting, Prime Minister Modi reviewed various livelihood interventions designed to achieve this ambitious target.

He examined the strategies in place to equip 15,000 women Self Help Groups with drones for agricultural purposes.

The government plans to provide training in drone operation and repair, ensuring that these groups can utilize drone technology effectively for agricultural activities.

Another critical initiative mentioned during the Independence Day address was the expansion of Jan Aushadhi Stores, which provides affordable medicines to the masses.

The prime minister set an objective of increasing the number of these stores from 10,000 to 25,000. In this way, the program intends to enhance the accessibility of cost-effective medicines across India.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Modi assessed the implementation strategy for this expansion. Also, he emphasised the importance of making quality healthcare accessible to all.

The presence of top government officials underlined the seriousness of these initiatives and the government’s commitment to their successful execution.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s high-level review meeting centered on the progress of key schemes announced in his Independence Day speech.

These initiatives focused on empowering women and improving healthcare accessibility. Besides, they represent significant steps toward India’s socio-economic development.

The government’s dedication to these goals is evident, and the nation looks forward to witnessing the positive impact of these programs on the lives of its citizens.

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