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Modi government’s first year

Modi government's first year

It has almost been one year after the Government of Narendra Modi has formed. In this one year there were some criticisms faced by the government. People have held high expectations on Modi’s government after congress has faced a lot of criticism.

It will be worth to remember that the Modi has inherited an economy which was weak and vulnerable.

There have been 12 quarters of successive GDP decline and 24 quarters of inflation growth at that time. In this one year, the economy seems to have stabilized and is seemingly being brought back from the abyss that UPA left it in. No doubt it was challenging for the government.

The main point of the first year is the visibility of PM as head of the government. The PM appeared neither hesitant nor apologetic despite talks of centralization. The first budget did achieve economic stability for the policies and reforms that are to follow.

The visions of Make in India will likely drive the future economic strategy and bring changes in taxation, labour, supply chain infrastructure, transportation, logistics, etc.

The government is also set to launch the 100 smart city project, Indian cities will earn a global place. The first year of government has also been spent on international diplomacy and security. Relationships with neighboring countries are seeing improvement with better foreign policies.

In the coming years, the IMF has predicted that India will grow faster than China. The second year should continue this momentum to bring in even faster growth to country.

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