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Indian Railways reviews COVID-19 protocols

Indian Railways reviews COVID-19 protocols

Considering the festive season and rush of the passengers, Indian Railways has decided to review security measures and implementation of COVID-19 protocols.

As the festive season is approaching, so do passengers travel to different places across the country through trains.

The increasing passengers increase the risk of spread of COVID-19.

In this context, Indian Railways decided to ensure enforcement of COVID-19 protocols in railway stations.

Higher officials of the Railways interacted with the field staff and asked them to create awareness among passengers related to COVID-19 guidelines, to prevent the transmission of coronavirus in railway stations as well as trains.

They also directed the field staff to enforce the protocols of COVID-19 strictly.

The Railway Protection Force issued the following guidelines to passengers travelling in the trains during the festive season:

  • Passengers should have to wear a facemask or cover properly.
  • They should maintain social distancing.
  • They should not come to the railway station or board train after tested positive for COVID-19. The suspects of COVID-19 who have given samples for testing and waiting for results should also avoid journeys.
  • They should not board a train if the health check-up team reject their travel.
  • They should not spit in public areas. Nor are they allowed any activities which may create unhygienic conditions or impact the health and safety of other people in railway stations and trains.
  • Willful ejection of body fluids or waste in public places or any other activity that leads to the transmission of COVID-19 is strictly prohibited.
  • Every passenger should have to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Railway administration.

Besides, the Railways launched Meri Saheli for the safety and security of woman passengers. Any security issue faced or reported by women passengers will be addressed.

The Railways also discussed an action plan to reduce human trafficking issues. A continuous and intensive drive will be launched soon to stop human trafficking and to apprehend criminals.

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