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Things to know about UK COVID-19 strain

Things to know about UK COVID-19 strain

The new COVID-19 strain, i.e. the UK COVID-19 strain is trembling the world now due to its more transmissible nature.

Though many countries put travel restrictions on travelling from the UK, nearly 33,000 passengers arrived from the UK from November last week to December 23.

So far, 25 mutated coronavirus cases are reported in the country as per the health ministry. They are isolated at state health facilities. Their close relatives were also put in quarantine. At the same time, the authorities initiated contact-tracing for their co-travellers.

In this context, here are certain important things to know about UK COVID-19 strain:

The newly mutated coronavirus in the UK has been named B117 or VUI2020/21. It is not the first and only mutated strain of COVID-19. There are many such viruses characterized by various groups.

However, people across the globe are sacred about B117 strain as it is 70 per cent more contagious than other strains.

The spikes of the coronavirus have mutated to infect body cells at a faster rate. Its reproduction rate is also higher. Reproduction rate means the infection rate at which it can spread to other people from an infected person. It can infect more number of people at a time.

As of now, the effects of infection from this strain is similar to other strains. That means it does not cause a more severe infection. However, its transmission rate is scaring people.

At the same time, scientists started new studies to understand the efficacy of the vaccine in providing immunity against B117.

Like other strains of coronavirus, following COVID-19 norms are essential to prevent infection. So, one should strictly adhere to these protocols like wearing facemasks, sanitizing hands, and maintaining physical distancing.

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