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Delhi to get Smart Traffic Lights

smart traffic lights

Delhi will be the first city to get smart traffic lights in India. These intelligent traffic lighting systems which respond to volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic are soon expected to be launched in the national capital.

The Delhi government is discussing about upgrading the present traffic systems into this smart one in order to match the needs of a smart city.

The traffic system is managed by Onnyx, a city based technology firm.

Onnyx has stated that a live demonstration of the system has already been set up at a prominent intersection in Lutyen’s Delhi.

The CEO of Onnyx has stated that a live demonstration system has been setup since three months and the Delhi Traffic Police has given positive response to the idea. A pilot project based on this new system is soon expected to launch.

In this system, every junction will have a system of CCTV cameras placed to gather footage of inflow of traffic and the traffic lights will change colour based on the actual volume of traffic and pedestrian traffic instead of being based on a timer.

This is generally done manually by a traffic policeman. The system will replace the need of a traffic policeman to do this job.
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