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Virtual Help Desk for G20 Summit traffic management

Virtual Help Desk for G20 Summit traffic management

As anticipation builds for the imminent G20 Summit 2023 scheduled to unfold in Delhi, the city’s police force is primed to launch a virtual help desk as a crucial facet of its comprehensive traffic management strategy.

The Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) unveiled this initiative, disclosing that a forthcoming advisory would provide further details.

With national pride swelling at the prospect of hosting this global event, police expressed the significance of this responsibility.

Set to transpire from September 8 to 10, the G20 Summit will welcome 29 heads of states, representatives from the European Union, invited guest nations, and 14 leaders of international organizations.

In this context, the Delhi Police will establish a virtual help desk through their website, delivering essential directions for availing various services and ensuring seamless movement around the city.

This virtual help desk aims to furnish citizens with advanced knowledge about regulations and traffic management, enabling them to plan their travel efficiently.

This information would be disseminated to mapping services like MapmyIndia and Google Maps for integration into their platforms during the event.

Notably, restrictions on the movement of heavy and medium goods vehicles are anticipated from September 8 to 10, with essential services remaining unaffected.

Delhi police have plans to institute a specialized ambulance assistance control room and a dedicated helpline to facilitate unobstructed ambulance movement.

Around 20 traffic junctions will host police deployment, particularly where ambulance passage is expected.

Green corridors, aided by motorcycles, will be established for emergencies.

In light of the event, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sanctioned a public holiday from September 8 to 10, leading to the closure of schools, government offices, and commercial establishments within New Delhi’s jurisdiction.

As the grand G20 Summit nears its commencement, Delhi Police’s innovative virtual help desk, alongside an array of strategic traffic measures, is poised to ensure the event’s smooth operation.

At the same time, it exemplifies the city’s dedication to hosting the global gathering with precision.

Image Credit: World8115, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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