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Health benefits of some spices and herbs

Health benefits of some spices and herbs

Ayurveda offers holistic health but does not rely on temporary solutions. That’s why it became popular as an alternative health approach to allopathic medicine.

As per Ayurveda, many herbs and spices promote the health of humans. They are used to treat various health conditions. Interestingly, most herbs and spices are widely used in Indian cuisine.

Here is a list of some common spices and herbs and their health benefits as per Ayurveda:

Cumin seeds are extensively used in Indian cuisine. They are used as whole dried seeds or powder in curries, dal, and snacks. They are used in traditional medicine.

Cumin seeds have the following health benefits:

  • Cumin seeds help relieve digestive issues and improve metabolism. They help people manage their body weight.
  • They prevent certain foodborne infections due to their antimicrobial properties.
  • Cumin seeds have antioxidants and prevent damage from free radicals.
  • With their anti-inflammatory properties, they control the inflammation process in the body.

Turmeric is another widely used spice in Indian cuisine.

Turmeric has the following benefits:

  • Turmeric purifies the blood and helps eliminate toxins from the body.
  • It cleanses the liver and promotes the health of the brain.
  • Curcumin, one of the most active compounds in turmeric, helps manage many inflammatory conditions.
  • It strengthens the immune system due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Cardamom is one of the most widely used spices, especially in sweets in India.

It has the following benefits:

  • Cardamom helps treat bad breath, indigestion and dysuria.
  • It prevents the risk of liver diseases like fatty liver.
  • It acts as a natural tranquillizer.

Ajwain seeds are another commonly used spice in India. It has a strong aroma and taste.

The benefits of Ajwain seeds are as follows:

  • Ajwain seeds treat digestive issues, cough and asthma.
  • They help control high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • They also help prevent cardiac diseases.

You will know the health benefits of some other herbs and spices in the next article.

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