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64-year-old makes herbal hair oil for hair problems

64-year-old makes herbal hair oil for hair problems

Age is just a number when you have a strong determination and passion to do something. Many people proved it. This 64-year-old proved it once again.

Veena Malhotra from Gurugram made a herbal hair oil to control hair fall. Though she made it for herself, many people from across the country are buying this oil.

She experienced a severe hair fall during her recovery from chikungunya. She tried many remedies and used the hair oils available in the market, but none of them helped her.

The situation had become worsen when she had to undergo knee surgery. She experienced more hair fall.

She then started experimenting with various herbs several times to know the best suitable remedy for her hair.

Veena tried infusing dried curry leaves with herbs like Indian ginseng, morning glory, fenugreek seeds, Indian gooseberry, and many more in coconut oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, and olive oil.

After many trials and errors, Veena succeeded. Her hair fall was controlled. It took her five years to come up with a formula that promotes hair growth.

In her research, she found that some oils are not suitable to be used in all climates. For example, coconut oil gets hardened quickly during the winters. So, it is not ideal to use the oil during that time.

The oil made by Veena stops premature greying, treats dandruff and controls hair fall.

She gave the oil to her friends and relatives. They all liked it. So, she launched her brand, Veena Ji’s Hair Oil. 100 ml oil bottle is priced at ₹220. In addition, ₹60 is charged for delivery.

The product is available on her mojo page. Veena is ready to sell the oil in larger quantities if customers are happy with the product. That’s why the oil is offered in 100 ml bottles.

Veena’s daughter Shefali Malhotra helps her in promoting the products on social media platforms. Besides, she also looks after sales.

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