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Health benefits of Jaljeera

Health benefits of Jaljeera

Jaljeera is an Indian summer which contains a lot of nutrition and flavours. There are many health benefits of Jaljeera. It is very good to consume in summer as it helps in cooling the body and removes excess heat produce by body. Here are some health benefits of Jaljeera.

Weight loss

One of the most important benefits of Jaljeera is weight loss. Consuming this drink twice in the day in order to suppress your appetite and help you eat less.


Jaljeera is very good for treating acidity. When you consume a heavy meal, slowly sip on Jaljeera to reduce the building up of acids in stomach.


If you are suffering with constipation, then consider using Jaljeer. This will help you put an end to constipation problems. Drink the juice twice in a day.


When you are feeling bloated with gas, use jaljeera water will help you find ease. Sip on the water slowly to find relief easily.


Jaljeera is very good at easing feelings of nausea. Pregnant women can drink this water to help get rid of morning sickness and nausea.


When you go out in the sun in summer, you will lose hydration a lot. Drinking this will help in rehydrating your body fast. It also reduces the body heat fast.

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