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Facts about Green Tea

Facts about Green Tea

Consumption of green tea has been increasing in modern days due to health consciousness. Certainly there are many health benefits for green tea. However, using excess is not good for health. Before consuming it on a regular basis, know the facts and truths about green tea.

  1. Green tea also contains caffeine. Excess consumption can lead to health problems like stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea, insomnia, irregular heart beat etc.
  2. One of the adverse effects of green tea is it can cause toxicity to the body especially liver, kidney and digestive tract. Hence, never consume it on an empty stomach.
  3. It is better to take green tea after meals as it increases the production of stomach acids if taken before the meals which may cause nausea, stomach pain and constipation.
  4. The ingredients of green tea may cause allergy especially if you have food allergies. So before consuming green tea consult your physician.
  5. Green tea may hinder the effectiveness of drugs. So beware while taking medication.
  6. The tannins in green tea prevent the absorption of iron supplements or foods into the body.
  7. Excess consumption of green tea may lead to miscarriage. So take the advice of your physician if you are a pregnant woman or a breast-feeding mother.
  8. Excess consumption may lead to osteoporosis. People suffering from glaucoma should avoid excess consumption of green tea. People who suffer with insomnia should limit its use.

So, use green tea moderately to get maximum benefits.

Image by ชินพัฒน์ เลิศอุดมโชค from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/photos/green-tea-hot-green-tea-tea-5286369/

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