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Home remedies for hay fever

Home remedies for hay fever

Every season would have its signature physical ailment to trouble people. During summer and spring, hay fever is a very common illness. There are several home remedies you can use to prevent hay fever especially if this is a common problem for you.

Instead of allopathic medicines, trying home remedies will not only help you treat the illness but also increases your immunity. Even though most herbal medicine can be bad for taste, the medicine for hay fever is actually not that distasteful. The medicine will make you do what you tend to do when relaxed.

Consuming tea will help you fight the symptoms of hay fever. It can rejuvenate you physically and mentally. Chamomile tea or green tea is even more helpful. The fever is controlled due to the anti-oxidant nature of green tea or chamomile tea. They also boost your immune system to help you prevent recurrence of the illness.

If your eyes are watering a lot, you can soak a cloth in cold green tea or chamomile tea and use the cloth to reduce inflammation to the eye. These teas will also help you in gaining energy. Try ingesting the hot vapours from green tea or chamomile tea to get rid of nasal congestion.

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