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Foods that should not be mixed

Foods that should not be mixed

Mixing foods is done by many people. The reason to do so could be anything from trying to get a new taste or making a healthier diet.

However, there are certain foods that should not be eaten together or it could cause some serious damage to your body either in short term or long term.

Some of these combinations are so common that it is scary.

Many people do the mistake of eating these foods together. However, it is good to avoid doing so.

Fruit after a meal

Many people eat some fruit after their meal almost ritualistically. But it is not a good thing. This is because fruits contain simple sugars whereas meals contain complex sugars, fats etc. which take longer to digest. So if you eat fruits after a meal, they stay undigested for longer time and may end up fermenting.

Tea and milk

Another surprising combination that is not good. Tea contains antioxidants which reduce inflammation. They can prevent many chronic diseases including heart problems.

However, the proteins in milk can bind with the antioxidants and prevent them from being absorbed.

Black tea or green tea is the best to consume.

Foods that should not be mixed

Foods that should not be mixed

Bananas and milk

According to Ayurveda science, this combination is heavy for the human body. It can create a sluggish feeling and even slow the mind.

If you want to make milk and banana smoothies, make sure the bananas are ripe and add cardamom for better digestion.

Yogurts and sour fruit

This one is also ill advised by Ayurveda. Don’t mix sour fruits with dairy products. It can cause allergies, cold and cough.

If you want to have fun with yogurt try mixing honey when you are using fruits and yogurt. Use raisins instead of sour berries as well. It is also recommended to go for plain yogurt which is considered healthier.

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