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Dangerous foods for babies

Dangerous foods for babies

Parents introduce new foods to the list of their babies’ diets as they grow. But, certain foods are not safe for feeding your baby.

They are dangerous. Hence, avoid these foods for your babies.

Here is a list of some dangerous foods for babies:

  • Do not give raw or unpasteurized milk to your baby, as it can cause stomach cramps and diarrhoea. The immune system of babies and infants is not fully developed. So they are more vulnerable to infections.
  • Also, do not give cow’s milk or soy milk to your babies, as they are hard to digest due to their mineral composition in large quantities.
  • Avoid feeding your baby with raw fish or Sushi. There are two reasons for this. One is bacterial contamination, and another is choking risk. That’s why the Food and Drug Administration recommends not giving raw fish to toddlers. You should wait until the child turns 5 years and start adding fish to their diet after they have developed a strong immune system.
  • Honey is not safe for infants below 1 year as it contains spores of bacteria. They can cause infant botulism and make children fall ill. If you want to give food items made with honey, wait till your child turns 1.
  • Sugar is not good for babies. It can cause dental cavities and may damage emerging teeth. Besides, eating sugar can strengthen the taste preference for sweet flavours in later years. So, do not feed them with sugar.
  • Also, avoid artificial sweeteners. Giving nutritional food in the first two years promotes healthy eating habits in children.
  • Nuts and seeds increase the risk of choking in toddlers. Moreover, they may cause allergies in children.
  • Hard, round, and crunchy foods like popcorn are not safe for babies as they may get stuck in their throats and cause choking hazards.
  • Avoid feeding fast foods like pizzas, burgers etc., as they contain salt and sugar in high quantities. So, they are not good for the health of babies.

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