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TummyFriendly Foods offers organic baby food

Tummy Friendly Foods offers organic baby food

Food plays a vital role in health. Despite knowing it, many people do not focus on eating healthy food. In addition, lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle are leading to health problems even in young people.

Sridevi Ashala was also affected by her unhealthy lifestyle. She is working with a German company in Bengaluru.

After her marriage, she started eating different food items at various eateries along with her husband.  Also, it became common for the couple to explore the city at night. They continued it for several months till they experienced a bad incident.

She had a miscarriage. Her doctor told her that the main reason for this was her unhealthy lifestyle. The couple realized the need for healthy food and lifestyle. So, they started practising yoga.

Besides, they decided to eat healthy and nutritious food and lead a healthy lifestyle. Since then, Sridevi has been checking the nutrition information of every food item she buys.

After the birth of her daughter, Sridevi wanted to give her healthy food. She was shocked to know that baby food contains chemicals and artificial preservatives. It led her to launch a food brand for kids.

That’s how TummyFriendly Foods was born in 2019 to offer healthy and nutritious baby food.  The startup has an in-house laboratory to check the ingredients in the baby food and their nutritional value.

Fortification is one of the ways to add nutritional value to foods. Many companies follow the method. They add the required micronutrients.

However, TummyFriendly Foods achieves it naturally through sprouting. Thus, the baby food offered by the startup can be absorbed into the body.

This Bengaluru-based startup recently relocated to Hyderabad. TummyFriendly Foods offers porridge mixes, health mixes, and millet pancake mixes. It assures chemical-free products. It clocks revenue of around ₹10 lakhs per month.

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