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Little Cherry Mom offers millet baby food

Little Cherry Mom offers millet baby food

The number of career-oriented women has been increasing for the last few years. However, as per sources, nearly 50 per cent of women are forced to leave their jobs after giving birth to a baby.

And only half of them are returning to their work. Only a few women are creating their own opportunities while looking after their babies.

Here is a mother who turned into an entrepreneur for her newborn son. She launched a millet-based baby food brand, Little Cherry Mom, to offer healthy and nutritious food and snacks.

Jyoti Srivastava from Meerut worked as a chemical engineer. She quit her job to launch her venture, Little Cherry Mom, after the birth of her son. Jyoti took this decision to give healthy and nutritious food to her newborn while taking care of him.

Jyoti’s husband, Gaurav Goel, supported her in launching Little Cherry Mom. He takes care of the finances and operations of the startup.

Little Cherry Mom is a millet-based baby food brand. The startup offers healthy sweets and snacks like sugar-free laddus and thin crackers, other products like instant dosa mixes, A2 Bilona cow ghee, immunity boosters made with Indian gooseberry etc., for kids.

Apart from selling millet-based products, Jyoti conducts workshops on cooking millet-based food items. She trained over 3,000 women and aims to educate more in future.

Little Cherry Mom uses neither sugar nor jaggery for sweetening their products. Instead of these two, it uses dates as a sweetener. Happy Tummy Mix is one of their bestselling product, which helps treat chronic constipation in babies.

Despite facing many challenges to sustain itself in the market in the beginning, the startup has many loyal customers now.

So far, Little Cherry Mom has fulfilled the needs of more than 12,000 customers. It clocked a revenue of around ₹1 crore in the last financial year. Jyoti wishes to launch more products in April.

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