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Meet the millet man of AP

Meet the millet man of AP

Millet foods are gaining popularity. So, many people are cultivating different types of millets to meet the rising demand of people.

Here is a man who sells millet products. KV Rama Subba Reddy worked as a cost accountant in Delhi.

Subba Reddy has a vast experience in corporate accounting. However, after some years, he returned to his home town, Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh.

He decided to cultivate millets along with his brothers. He bought 20 acres of land in Anupuru village in 2014. He wanted to make use of the land for the cultivation of millets. In the beginning, he cultivated horticulture crops like a banana.

But, later, Subba Reddy shifted to the cultivation of millets, inspired by Khader Vali, the millet man of India. He focused on the cultivation of millets like little millet, Kodo millet, foxtail millet etc. His boss DV Rao also supported him and invested in the venture.

He also started his entrepreneurial journey to sell his millet products. His agro company, Sattva Millets and Food products, supplies millets to Apollo Hospital.

Subba Reddy also partnered with other farmers to cultivate millets on a large scale. Besides, he signed contracts with FPOs for his company.

The company offers different brands of millets. Renadu brand offers whole grains. Mibbles offers ready-made food products.

The company sells whole grains and ravas made of millets like upma rava, idli rava etc. In addition, it sells various snack varieties like murukulu and sweets like laddu and biscuits. They are made of millets.

Subba Reddy’s family members also supported him in his venture. His daughter Swetha designs the products. His wife makes various recipes using millets to sell in the market.

His brands became popular in Nandyal. He is known as the millet man of Andhra Pradesh. Subba Reddy aims to make more popularize millets. In this way, he wants to benefit farmers as well as consumers.

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