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Workshop on Natural Healing in Goa

Workshop on Natural Healing in Goa

A workshop is going to be held on natural healing in Goa on 23rd August 2014 from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM. It is conducted by Manashanti Spiritual Healing Centre at their office.

Participants have to pay a fee of INR 2,000 which includes refreshments, lunch, acupressure material and printed copy of Become Healthy or Extinct.

Couples can get 20% off. The workshop teaches how to cure several chronic diseases including heart and kidney problems, cancer, asthma, migraine, backache, thyroid malfunction, arthritis and severe fatigue.

The workshop boasts to be useful for controlling diabetes, blood pressure and obesity.

The workshop provides an idea on foods that can make a person sick, the natural health therapy and internal organ cleansing, the actual causes of chronic diseases and how to cure them naturally,the metaphysics of the body and how to heal sick organs in it, and acupressure classes.

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