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Cumin seeds to help you lose weight

Cumin seeds to help you lose weight

Cumin seeds are a very common spices especially in the Indian cuisine. They are also very healthy. Just a pinch of cumin powder can actually help you lose weight. Here is how it works. Cumin powder is found to cause a jump start weight loss, and also improve cholesterol levels.

Cumin seeds consist of thymol and other essential oils. They help in stimulating the salivary glands which improves in the digestion of food. They also boost sluggish digestive systems.

You can also try drinking some jeera tea help with indigestion. Proper digestion is important for weight loss. The combination of jeera and banana is also good for losing weight.

Boil some cumin seeds in a glass of water and make it into a decoction. Drink it as tea to improve your digestion and get relief from minor stomach aches.

Soak two spoons of cumin seeds overnight. Boil the water in the morning and drink it as your morning tea. Chewing the soaked cumin is also good for fat loss.

Another tip you can follow is increasing cumin in your food. Try mixing a spoon of cumin in 5g of curd and eating it in on regular basis. This boosts weight loss.

Try a mix of cumin powder and few drops of honey in water and drink it on a regular basis. Adding a spoon of cumin powder in vegetable soup or brown rice will help you boost your weight loss.

Garlic and lemon are two things which can boost fat loss. Boil carrots and other vegetables and add garlic and lemon juice to them. Sprinkle some cumin on them and eat this every night to improve your weight loss.

Following the mentioned tips strictly for 15 days can be quite useful in your weight loss regime. You will find your body having faster metabolism and the results will be better too.

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