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Drink Soup to stay healthy

Drink Soup to stay healthy

Soup offers several health benefits. In recent days, health consciousness has increased in many people. Hence, many people add salads to their diets for good health. But, soups that have similar health benefits are ideal for this winter season. Soups made with fresh vegetables by adding little salt and fat to taste give nutritional benefits.

Soups made with beans provide protein and fiber. Tomato soups are good sources of lycopene which are beneficial for lowering the risk of cancers especially the prostate cancer. Vegetable soups provide vitamins and essential minerals to body while cream soups are a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

Consumption of soups before a meal can help to lower the intake of higher calorie food, and thus helps in weight reduction. Mixed vegetable soup helps to get water soluble vitamins like B, C and K, and other minerals required by body. Soups made from celery, leak etc. help to obtain potassium. Regular consumption of soups on nights instead of meal helps to reduce weight gradually.

To get the health benefits of soup, make your soups at home. Instant soups do not provide the benefits as they contain more starch and less proteins in them. Miso soup is renowned for its health benefits across the globe.

It protects the health and keeps aging at bay. This soup has been very popular in China and Japan for centuries.

Miso soup consists of many ingredients according to tastes and personal preferences. The Japanese make this soup with vegetables and meats in the stock Dashi which mainly includes tofu, carrots, potatoes, fish, mushrooms and daikon.

Miso soup prevents cancer and boosts immunity. It reduces bad cholesterol and protects the overall functioning of the body.

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