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People Who Love Their Work Do Things Differently

People Who Love Their Work Do Things Differently

You’re wondering why you can’t just be happy where you are.

Possibly on the off chance that you would have arranged somewhat harder. Stuck to your guns about benefits. Attested yourself just a little more. Things might have been different. You may value your job.

A lot of other people make more money than you do and rarely hit happy at work.

You tell yourself to just be glad you have a job. But you presume that is insufficient to make you glad where you are. And the hard reality is — you’re probably right. You’re still missing something.

There’s no one “mystery” to job satisfaction, which for too many of us can feel frustratingly elusive. And as companies strive to keep their employees happy and engaged, it’s worth remembering that everyone’s a little different.

People who Love their work do have a tendency to have a couple of things in common:

They follow their passion

You have probably heard people say, “Do you what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Many people agree, but they don’t know how to make it happen.

People who love their lives know that there is a way to turn any passion into a money-making opportunity. People who love their jobs do what they love at home, no matter what they do at work. They don’t wait till they can do it full-time.

They don’t wait to save up a million dollars. They follow their passion right now — any way they can.

They know that their job doesn’t need to be their passion and that sometimes it works out better to keep their hobbies separate. They appreciate the security it affords them to pursue their other interests. They turn their passion into a career.

They prefer excellence over perfection

No one has a “perfect” work situation. People who love their jobs always do their best.

Whether at home or at work, they pursue excellence in everything they do.

They don’t get caught up in trying to fabricate the perfect result.

They don’t beat themselves up if things don’t go just as planned.

They know that when they take care to perform well, their outcomes meet standards of excellence.

No matter if it’s before or after office, they can always take pride in a job well done.

They are pleased to work where they do

Employees need to be reminded in more frequent, experiential ways why they do what they do. People who love their jobs feel proud of where they spend most their time every week.

People want validation from the outer world about where they work and what their employer stands for.

Whether that pride translates into wearing a company sweatshirt on the weekend, or telling friends about an awesome reward they recently earned at work, companies should encourage employees to identify with them.

They are confident in the decisions they make

They can step back and logically analyse the choices presented to them. They think before they act.

They look at the possible consequences of each choice. Once they decide, they are confident about it.

Even if it doesn’t turn out as planned, they can change courses easily and happily.

Have ability to control their thoughts

Most people think that their thoughts control them, instead of vice versa.

That isn’t true. At any time, you can pick an alternate thought.

You won’t not trust it at in the first place, but rather the more you replay a positive thoroughly considered and over in your mind, the more you will begin to live it.

They don’t look for permission

They don’t hold up to feel that their decisions will be acknowledged before they act. The clear majority portray their lives through the brains of other “individuals,” whomever they might be.

They settle on decisions in view of what so-thus would consider them — subliminally or not.

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