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Foundation for Excellence to help poor children

Foundation for Excellence

Foundation for Excellence is a foundation which was started to help out talented poor students in India. The foundations helps these children pursue their ambitions like becoming doctors, engineers, and computer scientists.

The foundation gives scholarships to high school students who overcame their tough family situations and scored top ranks in common admission tests. Using these scholarships, the student can secure seats in universities of their dreams.

The uniqueness of the Foundation for Excellence is that they give funding to the poorest and most talented children to pursue the most expensive education they desire.

Another unique concept that FFE uses is that each student who receives financial support from it pledges to support at least two more students from it once they are in a position to do so.

Having this pledge helps in two ways: the foundation will remain self-sustainable, and the students will aim to reach a stability in their lives faster. They also pay every paisa of the donation to the scholars directly.

The Foundation for Excellence India is the Indian entity of Foundation for Excellence Inc. If you are interested, you can also donate to a child’s future. If you are a student you can check their various scholarship programs to apply for.

There are certain eligibility criteria to be met in order to get selected for each different program.

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