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Daily labourer makes Maa Robot for his divyang child

Daily labourer makes Maa Robot for his divyang child

Necessity is the mother of invention. Many innovations came out of the need. This man from Goa built a robot to feed his specially-abled daughter.

Bipin Kadam is a daily wage worker. His daughter is differently-abled. This 14-year-old cannot do anything on her own. Hence, she depended on her mother, i.e. Bipin’s wife, for all her needs.

But, Bipin’s wife was ill for the past two years. Hence, she was not able to feed her daughter. She was depressed about that. To help his wife relieve the guilt and feed his daughter, Bipin built a robot. He named it Maa Robot.

However, it was not an easy task for Bipin, who is not familiar with robotics. He searched for a robot to feed his daughter before experimenting. But, he could not find any such robot. So, he decided to build it on his own.

Due to his lack of knowledge in the subject, he had to spend a lot of time building the robot. He started making it from the scratch. He learned software concepts that are essential to design a robot. He spent 12 hours on his work and the rest of the time learning the making of a robot. With his constant work and efforts for four months, he was able to make a robot.

Maa Robot works with voice commands. To feed the food, the food plate is installed in the robot.  The girl gives voice commands to the robot. It feeds her as per her voice messages.

The success instilled confidence in Bipin as he built the robot without anybody’s help. In addition, his daughter can eat on her own with the help of the robot, without depending on others.

His daughter is happy with the robot. It doubled Bipin’s joy. Now, Bipin wants to make robots for other specially-abled children if they contact him.

His innovation was recognized by many people and companies. The Goa State Innovation Council is one of them. It applauded him and came forward to provide financial assistance to bring the device into the market commercially.

Image from Maxpixel (Free for commercial use / CC0 Public Domain)

Image Reference: https://www.maxpixel.net/Making-Creating-Creativity-Building-Robot-Robotics-4113404

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