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Earthy Sapo offer natural skin and hair care products

Earthy Sapo offer natural skin and hair care products

Necessity is the mother of invention. This woman turned into an entrepreneur to resolve the skin issues of her daughter.

Sheetal Kabra from Hyderabad noticed that skin around her daughter’s wrists, knees, and ankles was starting to peel off. She started worrying. Despite massaging her baby’s skin with oil, her skin was very dry.

In her observation, Sheetal realized it was baby soap that caused her baby’s skin dry. She immediately stopped using it. Instead of using other baby soaps available in the market, Sheetal made one soap at home using natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter etc.

To her surprise, the soap she made yielded amazing results. Her daughter’s skin was cleansed beautifully. Besides, it treated skin problems also.

So, Sheetal wished to launch a startup. That’s how Earthy Sapo was born. This Hyderabad-based startup commenced its operations with a limited team.

Earthy Sapo offers bathing soaps, shampoo bars, dishwash bars, and floor cleaners. The startup offers numerous self-care, skincare and haircare products with natural ingredients. For instance, its shampoo bars are made of reetha, shikakai, and Multani.

The startup delivers products to your doorsteps. Free shipping facility is available across India for orders above ₹599.

As the products are made traditionally with natural ingredients, many people like them. Besides, they do not contain chemicals and preservatives. Moreover, they are not tested on animals. Thus, they are cruelty-free. These vegan products are growing popular.

Earthy Sapo has customers not just from India but from other countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, and the USA as well. They are satisfied with the products, saying that the products are beneficial to them. The startup processes around 3,500 orders per month.

Sheetal is also happy about the positive reviews received for her products. She is satisfied as these products are beneficial to many people.

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