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Kerala teen designs a Robot to serve food

Kerala teen designs a Robot to serve food

Managing household chores is not an easy thing. However, many women can handle them with their multitasking capability. Especially in the morning time, it is difficult for them to manage all tasks single-handedly.

They have to prepare breakfast and lunch and pack the food for the school-going children and husband.

In addition, they have to serve breakfast to family members. If they are working women, they have to work faster as they also have to leave for work.

Like many other women in the country, Mohammad Shiyad’s mother has also been managing household chores for many years. To help his mother, this 17-year-old from Kerala designed a robot, Pathooty, when he was in Class 12.

The idea came to him when he saw a robot serving food in a restaurant. Shiyad’s mother used to complain about serving food from the kitchen to the dining hall during morning hours as she had to manage many tasks.

At that time, the family saw a robot when they visited a restaurant. The robot served food to them. Shiyad’s mother wished to have such a robot to serve food at their home.

He wanted to design a robot for his mother. Shiyad made a robot as part of his school assignment and showed it to his mother. She is so happy that the robot can assist her with household chores.

Shiyad made the robot using a plastic stool, an aluminium sheet, and a few serving plates. He used a female dummy as per his mother’s wish. One of his classmates helped him in the construction of the robot.

The robot works with the help of an ultrasonic sensor and software. It also works through a mobile application. It can be operated manually as well as automatically. Shiyad spent ₹10,000 to develop the robot.

He named it Pathooty at the suggestion of his father. The robot serves food from the kitchen to the dining hall. Also, it delivers newspapers. It can carry up to 6kgs.

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