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MomsKart offers homemade foods by moms

MomsKart offers homemade foods by moms

Nowadays, many people are opting for home-cooked food. Hence, several startups are emerging into the market. MomsKart is one such startup that offers homemade food. However, the startup aims to help stay-at-home mothers to earn some money by selling their products.

Aiming to help homemakers and make them mompreneurs, Aman Parwal from Madhya Pradesh launched the startup.

Aman’s mother is a businesswoman. She balances both work and household chores. She sells pickles, jams, namkeens etc. She cooks tasty. Aman and other family members are fond of them.

These recipes are not just tasty but have super quality as they are homemade. In this context, Aman wished that these products reach many people so that they could taste them.

In addition, he wants to create a platform for many stay-at-home moms to showcase their creations. Hence, he started MomsKart. It partnered with logistic partners to deliver the products.

MomsKart is an online marketplace for women to sell their food products.  Women need to register on the platform to sell their products.

Those who want to sell on the platform need not pay anything until they reach the threshold level. It is a good platform for women to sell their homemade products.

The startup will help mompreneurs in every step, including certification, logistics, marketing etc. Aman says that the platform is designed in such a way that anyone can navigate it easily. In addition, the team will train women in using it. Also, a virtual assistant will guide them.

The sellers need to maintain quality as quality checks will be conducted to assure superior quality of products to customers.

Despite facing challenges, in the beginning, the startup succeeded. During the lockdown, many people started buying their products. Aman was happy as he became a successful entrepreneur.

Now, many women are selling their products on MomsKart. The startup has a turnover of ₹5 lakhs per month.

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