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Authentic Food Stories offers home-cooked food

Authentic Food Stories offers home-cooked food

There are many startups in the industry that provide home-cooked food to people. Authentic Food Stories is one of them. This startup emerged to offer authentic home-cooked food to people.

Savithri Swaminathan launched the startup to offer authentic food to people from various parts of the country. Authentic Food Stories is a good platform for home chefs to offer home-cooked food to food lovers.

Savithri had been to four countries due to her husband’s transferable jobs. She craved Indian food at that time. Later the couple shifted to Mumbai, and Savithri expected to get delicious Indian food. But, she was disappointed with the offered food by most restaurants in the city.

As the couple did not find authentic Andhra food in the city, she decided to a start food venture to offer authentic food of different cuisines.

Before launching her startup, she formed a small group of home chefs in the building where she lived in. As soon as she announced the launch of the authentic home-cooked food service, she received around 100 queries.

While some of them wanted to order the food, some others wanted to join as a chef. Some others requested the inclusion of more cuisines. She launched the service and worked on a pilot basis for six months. She improved the service based on the feedback from customers and launched her startup in a full-fledged manner in 2019.

That’s how Authentic Food Stories emerged into the market. Savithri quit her job and focused on the startup.  It offers authentic food from various parts of the country cooked by home chefs at their homes. The startup provides daily fresh food, party food, and festival special foods.  Authentic Food Stories delivers nonperishable food items anywhere in the country. It uses a tech platform to connect home chefs with customers who want authentic food.

Authentic Food Stories offers 20 different cuisines. The startup charges customers for food and delivery. Chefs are paid with a margin added. The startup wants to add more cuisines in future.

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