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ZINI – Voice-based Virtual Assistant

ZINI – Voice-based Virtual Assistant

There are many healthcare companies in India. Still, many people do not have access to healthcare facilities. While the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the doctor-patient ratio as 1:1000, the ratio stands at 1:1445 in the country.

There is a shortage of doctors in government hospitals. As a result, only a few doctors have to attend to many patients. Most of the primary health centres do not have doctors. In this situation, several people, especially rural people, do not get access to healthcare.

Hence, Dr Rohit Sharma launched ZINI, an AI-powered voice-based startup, to provide medical advice to patients to avoid health emergencies.

Patients can download the ZINI app and talk to ZINI if they have any health issues. ZINI provides Alexa- like experience. It is voice-based and can assess more than 950 health symptoms and 300 diseases.

ZINI provides a detailed report and genuine medical advice to patients. It recommends the course of action and even directs them to the nearby hospitals and medical facilities.

In other words, ZINI helps with the patient interview, which is vital in clinical care to recommend a further course of action. ZINI, with its virtual intelligence, can automate the process and guide patients to the next step.

ZINI works on B2B and B2C models. It offers its services or products on a subscription package. There are different types of packages like yearly, five-yearly etc.

B2B services are based on the needs of hospitals. Normally, it offers Medical API/SDK and OPD Management System to hospitals.

Under the B2C model, it offers 300 evaluations a year for ₹399 plus GST. The First 100 evaluations are free to patients. Patients need to pay the amount after that.

This Delhi-based startup has more than 15,000 Android users. It works with five hospitals and more than 10 telehealth platforms.

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