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Robot Eagle – A robot teacher teaches in schools

Robot Eagle – A robot teacher teaches in schools

The usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been increasing for the past few years. Many business entities are using AI and robots to improve their performance and capabilities.

Here is a school that introduced robot teachers for its students. Indus Trust has a network of international schools in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Belagavi, and Pune. To enhance the involvement of students in studies, it decided to introduce a robot teacher.

An in-house team designed this unique robot. The team had experienced teachers, engineers from IIT, and content developers. They worked hard for two years to design the robot.

The robot contains preloaded content to teach and interact with students. Named Eagle, the robot can teach classes to students in classes 5 to 11. It has the capability of teaching along with human teachers and can teach stand-alone. Teachers can learn the usage of robots with a training programme.

The robot teacher minimizes teachers’ efforts and improves the interaction and performance of students.

Indus Trust introduced these robot teacher assistants to teach various subjects, including physics, biology, history etc. It introduced its first robot teacher in its Bangalore school in 2019. Last year, it deployed a robot teacher in its Hyderabad school also.

Robot Eagle is fluent in 30 languages. It interacts with students by asking them questions and clarifying their doubts. With the help of analytics, the robot even can conduct an automated assessment and exam at the end of the session.

Students can connect to the assessment with the help of mobile phones, tabs or laptops. The CEO of Indus Trust says that they developed the robot to bridge the socio-economic gap and reap the benefits of technology in education.

Indus Trust also deployed 30 robots in various schools in Karnataka. It also wishes to deploy such robots in Telangana government schools.

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