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Happy Indian Village – Home for HIV-affected children

Happy Indian Village – Home for HIV-affected children

India, with a staggering population of 21 lakh individuals affected by AIDS, ranks third in terms of HIV prevalence worldwide.

Shockingly, children under the age of 15 make up seven per cent of all infections, amounting to 1.45 lakh cases. Many of these young ones are abandoned by their own families due to illiteracy, poverty, or lack of awareness.

However, amidst this grim reality, a beacon of hope shines through in the form of an organization known as HIV – Happy Indian Village.

Situated in Hasegaon village, within Maharashtra’s Latur district, this remarkable institution provides refuge to 71 children afflicted by HIV, who have been forsaken by their parents or left to perish by their relatives following the death of their parents.

Happy Indian Village, overseen by the Sevalaya Foundation, assumes responsibility for the children’s every need. These include food, shelter, and education, effectively saving their lives from certain demise.

Ravi Baptley, the driving force behind Sevalaya, willingly abandoned his career and home to assist children suffering from HIV.

As a journalist, Ravi witnessed the heart-wrenching sight of a deceased HIV-positive child. He was abandoned by his parents, being devoured by insects.

This haunting experience compelled Ravi to dedicate his life to rescuing these vulnerable children.

Despite facing disagreement and obstacles from the village authorities, Ravi never lost hope. He eventually succeeded in establishing the organization.

Within the Happy Indian Village, the children find solace and consider it their true home. They express immense gratitude to Ravi for granting them a chance at a better life.

This extraordinary initiative serves as a lifeline for those forsaken by their own relatives, combating the detrimental effects of ignorance, poverty, and apathy that surround HIV in India.

Through Ravi’s unwavering determination and compassion, the Happy Indian Village stands as a testament to the power of selfless acts. It also shows how an organization can have a profound impact on the lives of those in dire need.

The challenges faced by HIV-positive children in India are immense but organizations like Happy Indian Village offer a glimmer of hope amid the darkness.

By providing essential care, support, and education, they nurture the potential of these young individuals, empowering these children to lead fulfilling lives and break free from the shackles of societal prejudice.

Ravi Baptley’s selflessness and perseverance have transformed the lives of numerous children. It shows that a single individual can make an extraordinary difference in the face of overwhelming odds.

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