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Indian village that puts off gadgets for few hours a day

Indian village that puts off gadgets for few hours a day

Due to the pandemic, people are restricted to their homes most of the time. As a result, they are spending more time with TVs and mobile phones.

Besides, online classes have increased mobile phone usage, especially among children.

In this context, a village wants to put off electronic gadgets like TVs, mobile phones etc., for one and a half hours daily.

Mohityanche Vadgaon is a remote village in the Sangli district of Maharashtra. Its population is 3,000. Vijay Mohite is the sarpanch of the village.

He realized that usage of the electronic gadgets had increased. So, he wished to control it to prevent its adverse effects. He proposed that all the villagers should put off their electronic gadgets for some time every day and interact with others.

Many villagers did not agree to his proposal immediately as they were sceptical about whether it was possible for them. But, he convinced them.

Furthermore, he and some volunteers decided to buy a siren to alert the villagers so that they can lay their gadgets aside for some time.

All villagers agreed to this proposal. They arranged a siren at a local temple to alert them. When people hear the siren at 7 pm., they put off their mobile phones and switch off their TVs.

Children start reading books or doing their school work. Adults step out of their homes and interact with other residents.

It continues till the second siren goes off at 8.30 pm. The villagers have been following it for the past few days.

Now, they are all happy as it has improved their social bonding. In addition, children are also able to focus on their studies. Earlier, it was difficult for them to put off their mobile phone. But, now, they have improved in their studies. Thus, this small village has become a role model to many.

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