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Delhi designer empowers women with her fashion venture

Delhi designer empowers women with her fashion venture

Nowadays, eco-friendly living is preferred by many people. They try to reduce the wastage of resources and recycle materials to reduce environmental pollution.

Meenakshi Sharma, a fashion designer from Delhi, likes sustainable living. She is eco-conscious. She learned it from her parents.

Her family taught her the effective utilization of resources. They followed it and taught her with their own deeds. She wants to walk in their footprints.

That’s why she worked on a project related to waste management during her college days. Meenakshi and her team make products from discarded material.

She realized that waste management is not an easy thing in the country. Many people do not know how to utilize resources effectively. As a result, waste becomes a big issue. Hence, Meenakshi wanted to create awareness in this regard among people. At the same time, she wished to control plastic usage.

Meenakshi and her team design many products like home décor products, bags etc., from discarded material. As they are made of fabric, they can be reused. Thus, they can help control plastic pollution. Meenakshi trains many women to handcraft these products to make money for their families. In this way, she empowers many women.

Women who work for her venture are allowed to work flexibly. While some of them come to the workshop after the completion of their household chores, others prefer to work from home. That’s why they are all happy.

As the main aim of Meenakshi is to reduce the wastage of resources, she focuses on creating awareness in people.

Her venture, Use Me Works, upcycles fabric waste into useful products. In addition, she also conducts educational workshops for students and individuals on handcrafting beautiful products from waste.

Thus, this green entrepreneur inspires many schoolchildren and youth in the country.

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