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Differniture offers sustainable furniture

Differniture offers sustainable furniture

Recycle and reuse are the latest mantras to save natural resources. In this context, many businesses and startups are coming up with different solutions and products. Differniture is one of them that offers sustainable furniture.

Aakriti Kumar is the founder of the startup. This Delhi-based designer noticed that huge quantities of wood pieces are being wasted. It eventually leads to mass deforestation, which impacts climate adversely.

She wanted to reduce the wastage and reuse the waste wood productively. She turned waste wood pieces into beautiful furniture items.

She started making furniture with a coffee table. She succeeded in making the table using discarded plywood. The success boosted her confidence to launch her venture to make more such items. She exhibited her products at various exhibitions.

Now, her startup, Differniture, offers various furniture items. It is a good platform where different types of products made out of waste wood are available. These products include chairs, tables, consoles, sofas, stools, dining chairs and many more.

The products offered by Differniture are very beautiful. It is difficult to believe that they are made out of waste or discarded wood. The designs of the products look artistic.

Aakriti buys tree logs at auctions and turns them into beautiful wooden items. Her designs are inspired by the nature. She does not use synthetic polishes.

She ensures that her products are free of toxic materials. Besides, they are resistant to fire and water.

Differniture offers customized furniture to meet the various needs of customers. They can choose the design, size, and finish as per their choice.

The catalogue and price list are available on the website of Differniture. As they are premium products, they are expensive.

The price of many products is in lakhs. However, some lamps made of saal plywood are available in the range of ₹12,000-₹18,000.

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Image Reference: https://differniture.com/

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