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Ombak aesthetic and sustainable furniture designs

Ombak aesthetic and sustainable furniture designs

Ombak is a sustainable furniture brand. It is born from a passion for craftsmanship, environment, and design.

Shruthi Prakash launched the brand to produce a range of chairs, tables, and wall decor using rattan and banana fibre sourced from local farmers in Indonesia.

Ombak stands out due to its innovative use of natural materials. The startup uses rattan for the primary structure and banana fibre for the woven parts.

This commitment to sustainability includes working with local farmers and artisans in Indonesia, ensuring minimal ecological footprint.

Furthermore, the approach supports local communities while promoting eco-friendly practices.

Ombak uses natural materials like rattan and banana fibre in its production. The startup works with local farmers, which shows their commitment to sustainability.

Every piece of furniture is meticulously handcrafted by the artisans of Indonesia. The startup offers various types of furniture, including chairs, tables, wall decor items etc.

Besides, it tries to bridge the gap between aesthetics and sustainability in furniture production.

Ombak makes a significant social impact by creating sustainable furniture. They pay a fair wage to artisans who handcraft the furniture.

Thus, it aims to preserve traditional craft methods and cultural heritage while providing economic benefits to local communities.

Ombak’s furniture is a blend of both traditional and modern aesthetics. That’s why the startup’s products are unique.

The fusion of modern design with traditional craftsmanship results in furniture that is both stylish and sustainable. Since the startup uses biodegradable materials, it helps tackle pollution.

Ombak is a beacon in the industry. It shows how companies can create aesthetic and high-quality products without damaging the environment. At the same time, it aims to empower artisans by paying a fair wage and deciding not to exploit them.

The startup is a role model for others to follow in creating eco-friendly and socially responsible products.

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