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World’s first visually impaired news anchor

visually impaired news anchor

Meet the world first visually impaired news anchor. Not only that, he is just an 11 year old boy! This 5th grader has fulfilled his dream of life by becoming a TV news anchor. He became the first ever to do so.

11 year old T Sriramanujam became a Tamil news channel’s anchor on Friday. The lotus channel, the channel which hired Sriramanujam has stated that he is the first visually impaired anchor in the world.

Ramanujam who was born blind, read his first ever news of his life with the help of Braille language for 22 minutes live. As ramanujam read the news regarding the developments and a follow up story about Nepal earthquakes, his family was watching him with tears of joy.

Not only as a news reader, the boy was also very talented in academics and always got top ranks in his class. He was selected by the Lotus News channel in December 2014 and was then trained for 4 months in new anchoring which included news reading, voice modulation, posture, managing breaking news etc.

Even though the boy never saw a television set, he would listen to the broadcast programs carefully and always wanted to become a new anchor one day. Now his dream has been realized.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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