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Chennai woman helps educate visually impaired

Chennai woman helps educate visually impaired

K Gomathi from Chennai is a successful software engineer in Germany. Gomathi faced hardships during her education. However, her desire to help others, particularly children struggling with their studies, led her on a remarkable journey.

Through her association with a group of visually impaired children in Chennai, she began providing financial assistance for their fees and discovered the challenges they faced daily.

To address their educational needs, Gomathi enlisted the help of visually impaired individuals who possessed teaching skills.

Gradually, she expanded her efforts by converting important study material into audiobooks. Specifically, the books are tailored for competitive exams such as bank tests and UPSC exams.

In addition, Gomathi organized health camps and workshops exclusively for visually impaired children, recognizing the importance of holistic support.

These endeavours not only benefited the students but also contributed to the professional development of the teachers involved.

Gomathi’s commitment to the cause is evident in her creation of over 300 audio recordings. It aided visually impaired individuals in their educational pursuits.

Her vision extends beyond education alone. Gomathi firmly believes that by empowering visually impaired individuals through education, they can lead independent lives without relying on others.

This conviction is reinforced by her personal experience of volunteering as a scribe for approximately 80 exams during her college years.

In 2018, in collaboration with the Blind Progressive Thinkers Council, Gomathi released an audio version of the book ‘Periyar Indrum Endrum’. Many visually impaired people attended the release event.

It fostered a collaborative environment where valuable ideas were shared to improve the lives of the blind community.

Gomathi’s dedicated efforts resulted in the conversion of over 1,000 pages into audio files, divided into 21 parts with 394 chapters.

Gomathi and her group of friends continue to work tirelessly to empower the visually impaired community, particularly children.

Their ongoing project involves transforming the book ‘India Varalatril Bhagavad Geethai’ into an audio format. Thus it expanded their educational opportunities.

Moreover, Gomathi actively participates in Tamil groups in the USA as a coordinator for the state of Tamil Nadu. They provide financial assistance and educational support to students from impoverished farming communities.

Currently, the group is aiding over 150 students and has also donated 36 cows to underprivileged farmer families.

Recognizing her remarkable contributions, Gomathi was honoured with the Sudar Oli Award by the women empowerment group Aiyai in Malaysia in March 2018.

With her unwavering dedication, Gomathi aspires to assist more underprivileged individuals and create a better world for them to thrive in.

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