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Woman earns handsome money with organic tomatoes

Woman earns handsome money with organic tomatoes

Farming is difficult. Especially, for those with no farming background in agriculture, it is really a challenging task.

But, this elderly woman farmer is earning handsome money without having any prior experience in farming.

Kanak Lata and her husband Vasudev Pandey had been to the USA after his retirement to visit their son.

Later, they returned to India and wanted to live in Vittalpur, Uttar Pradesh. The couple had no pension support. They decided to start farming in their farmland for their livelihood.

Though the couple had no prior experience in farming, their families have an agricultural background.

They started growing wheat, tomatoes and peas. However, they did not get a satisfactory yield.

They noted that the harvest was unstable. In addition to that, the soil fertility was also poor.

On top of that, the area is hilly. Hence farmers face a shortage of water. Hence, their neighbours used to mock them.

Then Kanak adopted scientific approaches like drip irrigation and mulching to harvest produce in organic ways. It improved the harvest.

She obtained a loan to improve the farm. She underwent training in organic farming. She used organic manure for her farm to improve the fertility of the soil.

She decided to grow two types of tomatoes. The tomato varieties she grows are juicier. Besides, they have a longer shelf-life due to their thicker flesh. They can last for around two weeks without refrigeration. Hence, she got at around ₹100 more per crate compared to the regular tomato variety.

Kanak used to harvest 50 crates of tomatoes every day. Each crate consists of 25kgs. She is also exporting the tomatoes to other counties.

She is earning a good income with which she could repay loans. She is earning nearly ₹2.5 lakhs.

Now, Kanak is experimenting with capsicum, strawberries, black tomatoes etc.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/photos/bush-tomatoes-trusses-tomatoes-3276533/

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