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The shop where everything is free for poor

The shop where everything is free

Shopping is great fun for many people. However, there are many people in our country who can barely afford their basic necessities. Their needs are sacrificed because they cannot afford most stuff. But do you know that there is a store in Hyderabad for the sake of the poor? This store reaches out to slum dwellers and homeless people and offers everything for free.

The store called ‘The Goodwill Store’ in Mehedipatnam, Hyderabad lets its customers shop for free. This unique store was launched on October 2, 2015 with the aim of providing basic needs like clothing to poor people.

The store does this by collecting household goods and clothing from different people of city. They take donations from all over the city and collect them at the store. Poor people who cannot afford to shop come here on any Thursday and Saturday and select the clothes they want for free.

‘The Goodwill Store’ is part of the LSN foundation. It is a non-profit organization which was established in 2007 at Hyderabad. The organization aims to provide support to people and sections in society who need help the most.

The organization and the store were founded by 38-year-old Manjula Pallipoyena. She said that she got the idea to start this store when she saw many migrant workers near Bojjagutta slum near Mehdipatnam needed basic necessities like clothing, food supplies, and kitchen utensils. There are also many children who needed books, play material and many similar things.

Manjula says that one of the biggest challenges in running the store is to have more volunteers to collect goods from all over the city. Transporting the collected goods is also a problem for them. She is trying to encourage collection drives in residential areas to get more things collected. You can also make contributions to this store by contacting ‘Goodwill Store’ Project Coordinator Kiran Kumar on the given number.

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