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India Innovation Initiative 2014

India Innovation Initiative 2014

I4C is an independent, public, and non-profit organization. The organization runs on the basis of unique Public-Private-People-Media Partnership Model (P3MP). The organization acts as a platform for innovators to showcase their work to the world. Here innovators can find relevant stakeholders like investors, industrial houses, academicians, and funding agencies.

The organization also selects particular innovations for further development by liaising with several government and non-governmental funding agencies. They also provide legal, IP and technological support to the innovators.

In order to encourage innovators even more, the organization conducts events, conventions, seminars etc. These showcase various innovations to the masses in order to promote them. The organization also organizes idea and innovation competition – i4C idea challenge and Grand challenge competition which promotes more people to think creatively and innovatively.

In order to ensure that students in universities and educational institutes understand the importance of innovation, i4C works with universities to increase focus on innovations.

Innovators can also find funds through donations, royalties and events in order to support their innovations which are still under development. They coordinate, monitor, train, and educate innovators to help them from the development process to the marketing process. The organization aims to be an accrediting and certifying agency for quality assurance for innovations. Anyone can submit their ideas here.

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