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WhatsApp and JioMart partnership

WhatsApp and JioMart partnership

Now JioMart users can buy groceries on WhatsApp. Meta-owned WhatsApp and Reliance JioMart have entered a strategic partnership to provide an end-to-end shopping experience to customers.

The launch of JioMart on WhatsApp allows people to buy products from JioMart through WhatsApp. They can pay for the products directly without leaving the app.

That means payment can be done within the application directly. Earlier, people could only browse products through WhatsApp; but could not pay for them directly within the app. They had to leave it to finish the transaction.

Now, customers can browse the entire catalogue of JioMart on WhatsApp, add their desired items to the cart and make payments directly within WhatsApp.

Customers can use various payment methods like WhatsApp Pay, cash on delivery, and other payment methods after purchasing products from JioMart through WhatsApp.

Both companies anticipate the move will help millions of people by enabling a convenient way of online shopping. It will also help the growth of their business.

Those who want to start shopping for products on JioMart through WhatsApp can send ‘Hi’ to +917977079770 on WhatsApp.

They need to add 88500 08000 to their phone numbers to order from JioMart. JioMart will send a link to the user, which is valid for 30 minutes. They will receive the link in their chat window. When they open it, it will redirect users to a new page.

Users need to enter their phone number and address there. After filling in the required details, customers will receive a catalogue from JioMart.

After receiving the order from a customer, JioMart sends them to the local Kirana store along with the details of the customer. Also, customers will be informed about the name of the local JioMart Kirana store to which their order has been sent. Orders placed before 7 pm will be available within the next two days for pick up at the nearest JioMart Kirana store.

Image by Neeclick from Pixahive (Free for commercial use / CC0 Public Domain)

Image Reference: https://pixahive.com/photo/whatsapp/

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