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WhatsApp Companion Mode available to mobile beta testers

WhatsApp Companion Mode is available to mobile beta testers

Now, WhatsApp beta testers can access their account on another mobile device also with the help of companion mode. WABetaInfo says that WhatsApp companion mode is available for Android users.

Many WhatsApp users are waiting for the WhatsApp companion mode as it will allow them to access WhatsApp on another mobile as well. The company has been working on the feature for a few months.

And it released the feature for Android beta testers. They can use it through the latest beta update.

At present, the feature is available for a few Android tablet users. It was launched for them the last month. Now, mobile phone users can also use it.

Currently, WhatsApp can be accessed on a desktop along with a mobile phone with the use of a multi-device feature. Users cannot use a single WhatsApp account on two different mobile phones.

If users want to use their WhatsApp account on another phone, they need to install WhatsApp on it and start from the initial stage. They have to create a backup for accessing their old chats on another mobile device.

But, WhatsApp companion mode allows people to use it on another mobile phone as well. With this feature, users will be able to access their WhatsApp account as well as chats on another mobile phone immediately.

The feature works like a multi-device feature. If users want to use it, they need to choose the Link a device option by clicking on the three dots. They need to scan the QR code from their primary device to access their WhatsApp account and chats on an additional mobile phone.

At present, users follow a similar procedure to use it on the desktop or WhatsApp web. As the companion mode feature is available in the beta phone, it is only available to a few users. Soon, it will be available to more users.

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