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How to see the status of others on WhatsApp secretly

How to see the status of others on WhatsApp secretly

If anyone sees your status on WhatsApp, you will know it as their names will be displayed on the list of viewed people. So, if anyone wants to view the status of others secretly or anonymously, there are some ways. That means you can see the status of others without your name on the list of viewers.

Many WhatsApp users use a File Manager. It is one of the most common methods used to check the status of others anonymously. For this, select Internal Storage after opening File Manager. Tap WhatsApp, Media and Statuses. You can view stories, photos or videos of your contacts posted on their statuses in the folder.

As you might be aware, WhatsApp status is live for 24 hours. So, if you want to check a WhatsApp status anonymously, you can view it just before its expiry. Many users generally check the viewers’ list, as soon as they post their story or videos on their status, but they do not check late, and that too just before its expiry. However, this method is not completely foolproof, as some people check the list of viewers till its expiry.

View the WhatsApp status of others on WhatsApp web in incognito mode. For this, open a browser in incognito mode on the desktop. Then open WhatsApp web and view the status of other people. Your name will not appear on the list of viewers.

You can also read the stories or view the status offline. For this, open WhatsApp and wait some time to load the stories. Then switch off WiFi or mobile data and open the status you want to see.

If you disable WhatsApp Read receipts, your contacts will not get alerts about your views. So, you can view the status or read a message by turning off Read receipts. However, you will also not be able to see the users who have seen your messages or statuses.

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