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This WhatsApp feature will help hide your online status

This WhatsApp feature will help hide your online status

WhatsApp, one of the popular social media messaging applications, has been updating its features for its users.

Its easy user interface, end-to-end encryption, and security features like two-step verification made WhatsApp a favorite to many people. As the number of users is increasing, WhatsApp constantly is updating its features.

Here are the upcoming features of WhatsApp or those that already have been rolled out by it:

You can hide your online status on WhatsApp with the upcoming feature. The new features will enable you to hide your online status. It is an update to Last Seen that is available at present. Currently, users can hide their Last Seen from others by choosing from the given options.

If you don’t want anybody to see your Last Seen option, then you have to choose Nobody in the Privacy under the Account by tapping the Settings button.

The new feature, Last Seen and Online, will help hide your online status. You can enable it in the settings. If you choose Nobody, then no one can see your online status. Thus, you can hide your online status even though you are actively using the application.

You can now leave groups quietly by tapping the Exit Group Button. Earlier, all members of a group would be notified about the exit of a member. But with the new feature, only group admins will be notified about the exit of a member from the group.

WhatsApp is testing a screenshot blocking feature. Now, media files can be saved as screenshots. As a result, sensitive information is misused by fraudsters. With the new feature, screenshots can be blocked.

If you want to block others from taking screenshots of your media files, mark the image or video files as View Once. If you enable this feature in your settings, other users cannot save the screenshots. When they try to take screenshots, a message will be displayed to them that they cannot save them.

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