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WhatsApp features you may not be aware of

WhatsApp features you may not be aware of

Meta-owned WhatsApp has been updating its features for users. It launched many useful features and updated some old features in 2022.

Though some users are familiar with these features, many of you may not be aware of them.

Here is a list of some of them:

WhatsApp users can send a group message without creating a group, using the Broadcast feature. It allows you to send a message to bulk contacts. However, the sender’s phone number must be saved in the recipient’s phone. Also, the message can be sent to a maximum of 256 people. The Broadcast feature is visible on the main screen if you click on the three dots in the top right corner. Select a New broadcast and the people to whom you want to send the message. Type a message and send it.

You can hide WhatsApp chats by selecting the Archive icon after choosing a chat that you want to hide. It allows you to hide your chat, as will not appear on the main screen. However, you can find it using the search option.

You can also save mobile data by clicking on Storage and Data in Settings. Select the When using mobile data option and untick all options like photos. Tap ‘OK’ to save your mobile data.

Mark all important messages on WhatsApp by tapping the Star icon found at the top. If you hold a message, you can find a star icon at the top. Tap the icon to mark your important messages so that you can find them easily by searching Starred messages.

You can also hide media from certain chats by tapping the Media visibility option. Select ‘No’ and tap ‘OK’.

If you want to find all your WhatsApp photos and videos, open Gallery on your phone and access the Albums or Collections tab. You can find your WhatsApp photos there.

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Image Reference: https://www.maxpixel.net/Smartphone-Communication-Whatsapp-Social-Networks-1984584

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