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Now WhatsApp users can undo accidentally deleted messages

Now WhatsApp users can undo accidentally deleted messages

Meta-owned social media messaging platform WhatsApp introduced a new feature to help users restore accidentally deleted messages within five seconds.

WhatsApp users had the option of deleting a message. However, the option allows them to delete a message for themselves. Later, WhatsApp introduced a Delete for Everyone feature.

With this option, users can also delete a message received by others. The feature has three options. Delete for Me, Delete for Everyone and Cancel.

If a user selects the Delete for Me option, the message will be deleted for the sender. On the other hand, if users select the Delete for Everyone option, the message is deleted for all. The Cancel option allows you to return to the original message window.

In this context, many WhatsApp users mistakenly click on the Delete for Me option instead of the Delete for Everyone option. As a result, the message is deleted for the sender, but not for everyone.

Users cannot even reverse the action as they do not have the message after deleting it. So, they cannot delete the message for others.

To help such users, WhatsApp rolled out a new feature to undo an accidentally deleted message. If any user accidentally clicks on a Delete for Me option, they can reverse the action with the help of Undo feature within five seconds.

The feature is available to both Android and Apple users. In addition, it will work for individuals and groups as well. Thus, this feature will help users who accidentally delete a message to reverse their actions. They can choose the Delete for Everyone option.

At the same time, the Delete for Everyone option helps users delete a message for up to 60 hours. In the beginning, users were able to delete it within 7 minutes. After that, they could not delete a message for everyone. But, later, WhatsApp increased the time limit to 60 hours. Besides, users can also choose a disappearing messages feature to delete a message after a specific period.

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