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How to share voice status on mobile phone

How to share voice status on mobile phone

Meta-owned WhatsApp attracts its users with new features and updates. One such feature is Voice status on WhatsApp.

Users of WhatsApp can post their status updates with text, videos, GIFs, photographs etc. The status will disappear after 24 hours of posting it.

WhatsApp users have other options regarding status, like status profile rings, status replies, link previews etc.

In addition, users can update their status with a voice message. Both Android and iPhone users have the feature.

Follow the below-mentioned process to update the WhatsApp status with a voice message:

After opening WhatsApp, click on Status. Rather than choosing the camera icon, choose a pencil icon.

Tap on the microphone icon to record a voice message. The microphone button looks like a small phone. You can find it in the lower right corner. Record your voice message using it. To pause or stop your voice recording, slide the microphone icon to the left.

Holing the microphone button enables you to record your voice message. it allows you to record an audio message for up to 30 seconds.

As soon as you finish recording the message, tap the play button to preview it. Listen to the audio before posting it on your status.

If you are satisfied with the voice message, tap the send button. With this, your contacts can listen to the voice message when they see your status update.

If you want to give a caption to the message, you can proceed with it by tapping on the Add a Caption button.

The voice message posted on your WhatsApp status will expire after 24 hours, like other status messages.

Also, like other status posts, you can have the option to choose who can see your status and listen to your voice message. You can share with all your contacts or restrict some of your contacts using selective sharing features.

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