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Apple iPhone almost gets banned in India

Apple iPhone almost gets banned in India

Tech corporation, Apple has avoided a huge threat. The app store by Apple is known to be very vigilant and strict in terms of what is allowed and what is not allowed.

Due to that very reason, Apple and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had engaged in a bit of fisticuffs. It escalated to the point where TRAI threatened to ban Apple iPhones in India.

It all started when TRAI wanted Apple to approve the government’s DND or Do not disturb app. Previously the app was not live on the apple platform.

Earlier this year, the app was not live on the Apple App store. As a result, TRAI warned Apple to host the app on their platform or face a ban of iPhones in India. The deadline that TRAI gave Apple was January 2019.

It is important to note that this same app has been live on Google store for more than two years.

At present the DND app is up for free download on the Apple app store.

The app is made for preventing unwanted Telemarketing Calls/SMS. Users can use it and it will be reported to their respective telecom service providers and prevent spam calls.

It is made to help users avoid unnecessary telemarketing calls which can be quite disturbing during a person’s day.

Any user can download this app and register their number there to prevent these unwanted calls.

The registration of mobile number in the DND app will take about 7 days after making the request to activate the option with your telecom providers.

Apple as a company is known to be strict in terms of banning. This could be the reason why the app took so long to go live.

Even recently, Apple removed more than 700 apps from their Chinese store for violation of policies.

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