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Avoid these WhatsApp mistakes

Avoid these WhatsApp mistakes

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media platforms in India. Many Indians use this messaging application. However, there are some mistakes that users should avoid to keep their accounts safe and secure.

Some people use the name of someone else with their WhatsApp account. Never do such a mistake as it is a crime. Also, do not share unverified news or spread rumours on WhatsApp. It is also a crime.

Never reveal too many things about you or your family members on WhatsApp either through your profile pic or the About me description. It may be misused by fraudsters. Hence choose privacy settings for this given by WhatsApp. Also, hide your WhatsApp status from people who are not connected to you.

Do not allow everyone to access your WhatsApp account. Normally, many people choose the ‘My Contacts’ option for privacy settings. However, there may be many people on your contacts list with whom you are no longer in touch. Check your phone contacts to find those people. Select their phone numbers and delete them to stop allowing them to access your WhatsApp.

Some people add others to a WhatsApp group without their consent, which troubles them. So, restrict others from adding you to their groups by choosing the given options.

Though WhatsApp messages are encrypted, chat backups saved in iCloud or Google Drive are not encrypted. So, it is better to save important chats securely in a safe place.

Many people share media files daily on WhatsApp. They will be downloaded automatically in your phone’s gallery and consume internal storage. So, disable the automatic downloading function to stop the automatic downloading of media files.

Secure your WhatsApp account with two-step verification to prevent fraudsters from setting up your account on another phone by hacking or swim swap fraud.

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